Expect Nothing but pain! 

Expectations are one of the worst things one can do for themselves! It’s like climbing a mountain with no ropes and then blaming everything and everyone except you for falling down!

Lower your expectations, this will make you live longer 😉

Cause you won’t get anything but PAIN from expecting too much! 


Am I his crush?

I have been asking myself how would I know if I’m his crush! He is a shy guy who seeks no opportunity to speak with me! He is just content with short conversations. He doesn’t try to communicate through social medias. But still I have the feeling that I’m his crush!!
What makes me feel that way? Umm, some situations do make me feel so. I have also recognized that he only speaks with me whenever I’m alone and he is alone too. By alone I mean whenever our friends aren’t around despite the presence of other people!
Whenever he gets an opportunity like that to speak with me, I feel that he tries to make the conversation a little bit longer! 🙈🙈
Once I was feeling hot and I was waving my hands towards my face to get some air, I stood up to turn on the fan in our class, he also stood up to turn another fan on his side however I didn’t make it so obvious that I was feeling hot! I felt he was watching on me at that time!
Whenever he sees me without my friends, he gathers his courage and speaks up to me!
So Am I his crush?!!! Or is he my crush…?!!